University Square Plaza is available to the public to visit and enjoy its amenities while following posted rules and policies. University Square Plaza is privately owned by Redstone Realty LLC, an Ohio limited liability company, and subsidiary of Campus Partners for Community Urban Redevelopment, an Ohio nonprofit corporation.

At University Square Plaza, the public is encouraged to...

Relax for a short time in one of the rocking chairs

Meet a friend or colleague for lunch and catch-up

Bring a leashed pet or service animal and pick-up your pet’s waste

The following is prohibited on University Square Plaza property:

  • Soliciting, harassing others, engaging in disorderly conduct, or panhandling

  • Disrupting adjacent University Square businesses or offices

  • Impeding ingress or egress to adjacent plaza and building entrances or obstructing paths of
    travel through the plaza

  • Overnight sleeping or camping

  • Consuming alcohol except for in designated permit areas

  • Weapons of any kind, except as permitted by local, state, and federal law

  • Erecting tents or temporary structures without prior approval and proper city permits

  • Locking or standing a bicycle, scooter, or other personal vehicle to a tree, pole, or site fixture
    that is not designated bicycle rack (item will be removed)

  • Climbing in or around shrubs, flowerbeds, trees, landscape walls, fencing or any other areas
    as may be designated

  • Accessing outdoor restaurant dining patios when not open for business

  • Throwing sports equipment (such as baseballs, frisbees, footballs, etc.), playing hockey or
    other group athletic activities that could disturb other users of the plaza

  • Operation of an Unmanned Aircraft Systems (UAS)

  • Feeding pigeons or other animals other than your own pet

  • Gambling

  • Parking, driving, or staging equipment over the Friendship Walk artwork pavers

In addition, the Upper Plaza Area of University Square may not be used for:

  • Visitation except for pedestrian travel between the hours of midnight – 6:00am

  • Occupation for an event without prior approval (see Events)

  • Amplified sound without prior approval

  • Smoking including the use of e-cigarettes

  • Displaying, installing or attaching signs to furniture, fixtures, landscaping, pavement or
    buildings without prior approval

  • Skateboarding, riding a scooter/bicycle, roller blading or using any motorized vehicles


University Square Plaza may be booked with internally produced events and externally produced
events planned by a third-party entity through a Venue License Agreement. Event organizers are
responsible for planning, coordinating and executing all elements of their event including but not
limited to: vendors, restrooms, production details, deliveries, setup/tear down, security, permits, audio/
visuals, clean-up, and remediation. A Venue License Agreement may be acquired by contacting or 614-515-2266 no later than sixty (60) days prior to the Event.